With Beads And Braids And A Matching Outfit, Alexis Olympia Was Serena Williams’s Biggest Fan At The US Open – Video


Alexis Olympia Ohanian, 4 years old, is a daughter of Serena Williams and was seen in the stands watching her mother playing in round one of the U.S. Open with a matching outfit with her mother, beads, and braids in her hair. She won the first-round match against Danka Kovinic, as Alexis was cheering her from the audience with her father Alexis Sr., and aunt Isha Price. For Serena, it was the first attempt to win her 24th Grand Slam before leaving the sport and following a new path.

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Alexis and her father watched their woman winning on the court, she was also seen in many pictures and clips on the tennis court with her well-known mother. However, you will be surprised to know that Alexis was not as motivated about tennis as she seemed, even though she is the daughter of the greatest tennis player. As Williams exposed in “A Conversation with Champions” their daughter likes everything her mother does for instance going on dates and loves everything but not tennis.

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However, this was not the first time Williams shared about her daughter’s interests in public, as once she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live that her daughter likes playing the piano.
Since, when she was pregnant she spent time playing piano music. The 23-time Grand Slam Champion has stated her daughter as her ‘little buddy’ as she’s really fun to be around.
She also shared that she sees a lot of her personality in her and it’s great to have her around and watch each other’s daily routines.

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Williams and her little buddy spend a lot of time together, they travel together, and they make fun TikTok videos together. Whether her daughter grows up to be a tennis player, or not. It is for sure that she will always be proud of her mother for displaying Black supremacy, being a champion in the tennis world for decades, and encouraging other Black girls to participate in sports.


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