Top 12 Movies And TV Shows Starring Actress Meagan Good


Meagan Good is an American actress who began her acting career as a child actress by doing commercials and TV shows. Meagan has given many popular shows and movies. The 41-years-old actress has continued to entertain people with different characters. And here are the 10 best movies and TV shows of Meagan.

1. Cousin Skeeter (1998-2001)

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It was a quite popular sitcom on Nickelodeon. The story of show was about a boy, Bobby played by Robert Richard whose life changed dramatically when his cousins moved in with his family. Skeeter is a puppet but in the show, everyone treats him like a normal human being. The show included stars like Meagan Good, Angela Means, and Rondell Sheridan.

2. The Game (2006-2015)

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Another famous TV series with a total of 9 seasons. For the first 5 seasons, the story revolves around Melanie Barnett, who gave up her promising career to follow her footballer boyfriend, Derwin Davis, and how she learns to balance her career and love.

3. A Boy, A Girl, A Dream: Love on Election Night (2018)

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The cast of this movie includes Meagan Good, Omari Hardwick, Dijon Talton, and Jah Ellis. The story was about how two grief-stricken people met by fate on the night of the presidential election.

4. Eve’s Bayou (1997)

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Directed by Kasi Lemmons, Eve’s Bayou is a movie about how a 10-year-old daughter finds that his dad is double-crossing and has to face the upcoming consequences which can cost his family. The star cast of this movie was Meagan Good, Jurnee Smollett, Samuel, and more.

5. Brick (2005)

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Directed by Rian Johnson, this movie received an award for best original screenplay. The movie is about a young boy who was living a lonely life as his girlfriend left him, later he finds out that she has gone missing. So, he decides to find out the truth.

6. The Jersey (1999-2004)

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It’s an American comedy series that included casts like Michael Galeota, Brianne Prather, Meagan Good, and more. Originally the series was aired on Disney Channel.

7. Nothing Scared (1997-1998)

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This one was released on ABC for a year. The cast of this American series are Kevin Anderson, Ann Dowd, Tamara Mello, and more. It was made by Bill Cain.

8. Code Black (2015)

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Another TV series aired on CBS back in 2015. The show was about medical staff and how they deal with the situations. This one was based on a documentary by Ryan McGarry.

9. Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah (2015)

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This movie tells a story about a therapist and how Savannah was taken away. The cast included Meagan Good, Eric Roberts, Toby Hemingway, Emily Meade.

10. House (2004-2012)

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House aired for a long time on the Fox network and had a total of 8 seasons. This television drama series is about a bunch of doctors and how they solve issues of the patients. The star cast were Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps and more.


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