Steve Harvey Was So Moved By An Unemployed Audience Member’s Struggle – So He Decides To Change His Life – Video


Back in 2019, when things were not going in favor of Steve Harvey, he still managed to stay calm and positive. At that time, his daytime talk show got canceled and NBC changed him as the host of the series Little Big Sho-ts with Melissa McCarthy. His positivity attracted many people as they were eager to know how he is doing. During Steve’s last few final guests, he hosted the audience of Steve. When it was time for the commercial break, Steve had a conversation with one of the audience members named Tulloch. He was not full of motivation as he was laid off from the job where he worked for more than 15 years.

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Tulloch was demotivated after facing unemployment at the age of 40. So, he asked Steve how he stays so calm and motivated. Tulloch told him that many people have said to him that he was overqualified for most of the jobs and less qualified for the remaining jobs. It was at this moment when Steve decided to share some life-changing advice. Steve said, look at the laid-off for what it was, they decided that your time was up. But sometimes, we don’t go, we get pushed. He continued, God is fair and has decided something else for you and if you don’t do it, God will set certain circumstances which cause you something.

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So, it’s time for you to start doing something instead of thinking about what you were doing earlier, he added. Tulloch agreed to Steve’s words. Then Steve asked him what his real gift was. Tulloch without taking a moment to think said “cooking”. He described how when he was a kid, when other kids used to play, he used to stay at home and learn to make Jamaican food with his grandmother. Tulloch also shared that his initial dream was to open a Jamaican food truck. Steve told him then why he is looking for another job and why not he is doing what he wants to do in the first place, Tulloch admitted that he was nervous.

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Steve said dread is the first cause of unsuccessful in this country. He said, dread of not ending up as a successful person. Steve also pointed out that Tulloch had been out of work, so what more dreadful can happen? Anyways, Steve was touched by Tulloch’s story. So, during his next commercial break, he called the director of the foundation he has with his wife, Marjorie Harvey. And then asked Tulloch if he is willing to go to culinary school. Tulloch was ready to go. Steve informed him that there is a culinary school that costs $15, 000 per semester and they are willing to pay for his first semester. And for the second semester, they will do the same based on his performance at school.

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Tulloch couldn’t believe what he heard. He was so filled with joy that he was trying to hold back his tears. He hugged Steve and showed his gratitude. Before Steve went off the show, he shared a video of Tulloch, who was at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), doing what he always dreamt of. Today, Tulloch is still working in the kitchen after completing his course from ICE. He also did an internship at Hollywood’s Beauty and Essex. He now works as a trainer. The Institute shared that Tulloch has worked on every station in the kitchen.

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Tulloch shared that now nothing makes him nervous, especially when he works in the kitchen. ICE has taught him so many things and has shown many different dimensions which he never knew. He shared that when you graduate you will be an all-rounder because you will have various knowledge related to food. However, Tulloch will always remain grateful to Steve and the foundation not just because of the funding but also for giving him much-needed advice and motivation. Tulloch said, without passion, it happens that we feel like we don’t have any purpose.

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But, when you are following your passion and dreams, your life will have all purpose. Steve’s advice was something that pushed Tulloch to start fresh. Tulloch was lucky enough to share his problems with Steve, and Steve was grateful enough to take responsibility for him and his education. And showed that it’s never too late to start fresh. All you need is to believe in yourself and remain positive.


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