South Africans Are Demanding ‘World’s Largest Diamond’ Is Returned From The Queen’s Crown Jewels


Since the passing of the Queen, there have been controversies surrounding one of the diamonds which was mined in South Africa. Now about 6,000 people have signed the petition asking for the diamond to be returned back to Africa. Known as both the Great Star of Africa and Cullinan I, the diamond is the world’s largest clear-cut diamond crystal which is a part of the Crown jewels. it was given to the Royal family after it was found in South Africa in 1905.

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After the passing away of Her Majesty, many South Africans say it should be returned back to them and put to show in one of the museums in the country. When the diamond was given to the royal family, South Africa was still under the rule of the British. Calling for the diamond’s return, MP of African Transformation Movement (ATM), Vuyo Zungula said South Africa should cut its commonwealth ties. He said they should demand damages for the loss caused under the British reign.

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Draft a new constitution based on the interests of the people of Africa and not follow the current constitution which is based on the British Magna Carta. He demanded for all the gold and diamonds taken by the British be returned. Thanduxolo Sabelo, former ANC KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary, agreed with Vuyo saying the minerals of Africa and many such countries continue to benefit the British at the cost of their people.

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He said Africa continues to struggle with rising unemployment, and poverty due to the acts of Her Majesty and her forefathers. He also demanded for the Cullinan diamond be returned to Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa, took to Twitter to offer his condolences to the royal family and wrote about the last time he met The Queen during the Commonwealth Meeting that was held in 2018 in London. He reminisced about how they spent time reading the letters former Statesman Nelson Mandela had written to the Queen.

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He also wrote about the deep respect Her Majesty had for Mandela. Many took that as an opportunity to ask for the diamond to be returned. One user asked if Cyril had asked Queen to send back the diamond that was taken from Africa in the early 1900s. Another one wrote now that The Queen is not around anymore, could you please send friends to get back the Cullinan diamond.


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