Snoop Dogg Says Only One Person Can Outsmoke Him – Video


Snoop Dogg is worldwide famous for his contribution to the music industry and that’s the reason why he is still so popular and influential. However, rapping is not the only reason for his popularity. Snoop Dogg has another side as well, puffing. However, many fans have declared him as number one when it comes to the old ganja train. Snoop Dogg himself agreed that there is one human being among all who can sm-ke beyond him, no matter what day of the week.

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Snoop also once shared that when he went on the bender to end all benders with a rock legend, who actually put him in difficulty. Back in 2018, talking to Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop was asked to name top dogs when it comes to inhaling. He shared that Seth Rogen was present last week with him and was talking about Mount Rushmore of pot smo-kers. He continued, that according to him Seth is on Mt. Rushmore. Who would he like to put on after Mt. Rushmore? he asked.

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Snoop then responded he would then put Bob Marley and then Cheech and Chong. Adding to that, they were the initial faces on the mountain, and it was them who showed what a mountain looks like. Although according to him the real king is Willie P. Nelson. He disclosed that Willie is the only man who has ever defeated Snoop Dogg. And for him, it hit hard and was like, “time out button.” When the interviewer asked him if he ever felt that thing before that, he answered, never. And later, Willie confirmed the story.

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Willie during an interview explained that the incident Snoop was talking about happened in Amsterdam, he called him and said, you should come over to his place. So he went and visited every bar over there and smo-ed in every place in Amsterdam. Speaking about his experience with herb, Willie replied, he doesn’t know and thinks that there are people who can definitely do more than him. However, now he doesn’t do a lot of this stuff anymore. He added that he was switched over to a vaporizer because he is concerned about his body and lungs.

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Once Snoop also shared that Queen came to reduce him after his entry was restricted in the UK. It’s safe to say that the rapper got safe support from the royal family when he was dealing to get into the UK. In 2022, Snoop and DJ Whoo Kid spent time together having a conversation regarding the same topic, where he was almost “banned” from the UK in the 1990s. As he was going through an charge. He shared that he was not allowed to be in the UK because of the multiple cases about him for the mortal sh@ting of Philip Woldermariam, who was part of a rival group.

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However, Snoop was ultimately discharged after three years. Remembering the situation, he said, they kicked him out of the country. He went on, however, you know who came up to take my side. Take a guess. Guessing the question Whoo Kidd said, “Prime Minister ”. Snoop then disclosed that “The Queen.” The Queen took his side and said he has not done anything wrong in this country. He can come and go. This was not the only time when Snoop Dogg talked about this incident in public. Snoop Dogg has also shared how the royal family supported him after Prince William and Prince Harry shared their thoughts about him and his music to The Queen.


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