Salma Hayek Recalls When She Once Bre*astf*d A Stranger’s Hungry Baby – Video


Before the invention of feeding bottles and formulas for newborn babies, wet nursing was commonly practiced by women all over the world. In addition, a woman, who has the capability of producing natural food for her baby, does hold a choice to use it strongly and positively. This is exactly what a Frida star, Salma Hayek did. A long-term champion for women’s welfare, she once offered nursing to a stranger’s malnourished and hungry child.

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Salma is a living example of how sometimes it takes only a little small step to make a huge difference and impact on society and the people. This Hollywood actress and producer back in 2008, reached Sierra Leone not as a star but as a human to contribute to an African charity mission. While she was roaming in a hospital, she came to learn about a woman who had run out of milk. During that time, Salma was having a daughter of age 1, so she took the stranger’s malnourished one-week-old baby boy and began nursing him. Many people were present there, including camera crews.

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After that incident, she disclosed that she might have been disloyal to her daughter for giving her milk to someone else. However, ultimately she concluded that her daughter wouldn’t take it to heart about her mother sharing her milk. She shared that her daughter would be proud of her mother. She even added that when her daughter grows up, she will encourage her to become a generous and caring person. For Salma, that’s the best thing that she can give her as a mom.

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Moreover, Salma described that the idea of supporting a child is a long-term tradition in her family. As she shared that many decades ago, her great-grandmother saved the hungry baby of a comfortless sobbing unknown by nursing the child, who stopped sobbing when fed. Salma shared that she decided to nursing that stranger’s child which also kind of works as an attempt to end the stigma placed on women for nursing. With her kind and generous act, she made her point clear about how women should be set free to decide about it. You can watch the video Here


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