Meagan Good On How She Handles Fellow Christians Criticizing Her Work: ‘It’s Between Me And God’


Meagan Good, 40, believes that when you know you are in alignment, you are at peace. The Harlem actress shares her faith in the almighty God and says that “God has called all of us to different places, and different seasons and different things and different reasons.” Good has been acting since the age of 10 and she says her life changed when turned 19. She recalls that she saw everyone having work, but she was struggling to get work.

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She says that she then asked God, “Why am I not working, Lord? What’s going on?’ Wait a second, I didn’t even ask You if this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I didn’t even ask You if I had Your permission. Is this what You have for my life?” Meagan says at this point she thought that maybe she will need to go off from acting. Maybe God has some other plans for her. But then she felt that God wanted her to be in the field of acting.

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Meagan has faced crit-ism all through her acting career, mainly because of her choice of outfits and movies as many Christians find her to be quite bo-ld. Meagan told ‘The Christian Post’, “I know as a Christian, I’m very outside the box. And for some Christians [I] can be slightly controversial.” Meagan says that she is still learning what it means to be in Hollywood and understanding other women in the Industry. She says, “I guess a lot of them are like me, where they felt discounted or unworthy or not good enough, oftentimes in the church arena as well.”

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She further says that for her what matters is, “What does God think about you, and who has God called you to be? For her being close to God and having belief in her faith is important. She says, “As long as you stay close to Him, He’ll guide you, lead you. And that, for me, is walking in that and using what He’s given me. He’s allowed me to be here.” Good says that she doesn’t want to judge anyone and even at times if she is not in agreement with others, she makes sure that she does not make anyone feel bad or uncomfortable.

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She says “People who weren’t willing to hear or talk about [God] feel comfortable with me because I work as hard as I can to not be judgmental and to be open-minded. I may disagree with you, or I may not believe the same thing as you, but I don’t make people feel bad about it or uncomfortable or try to challenge them or fi-ght with them on it. Good says she tries to move in life with love and with her faith in God. She says, “I have so many people come back to me and be like, ‘You were my first experience with a Christian that made me feel comfortable enough to go be curious about God.” At the end of the interview, Meagan said, “the greatest joy” she has in life is being close to God and witnessing Jesus while on set.

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Si RobinsonI can understand how Megan feels. It’s about your journey & relationship with God, not everyone is on the same level and everyone has different struggles.

Sarah GivensI used to judge me when I first got married. My husband wanted me to go to church he grew up in. Some of church ladies complained said I act to se-y my walk was [email protected]. It was crazy. I kept going. Didn’t let them stop me. It actually help me to grow my strength in Christ

LeiI’m not religious but I love how strong Tamera is in her faith and how open minded she is and true to herself. That feels rarer and rarer nowadays, it’s either the religious people who judge every single thing about others or people who couldn’t care less about any type of faith. It’s beautiful to see Tamera speaking so passionately about what she loves and believes in

RaquelI used to feel the same way, but I’ve learned to never push away God because of the actions of others!


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