Meagan Good On Finally Demanding To Be Paid What We Deserves


The host of the podcast Go Off, Sis, season 4, opened up to go on the record to say: there can never be enough beautiful representation of Black Love in pop culture. And no one is talking about love or dealings or love. They understand that love which is healthy, supportive, and wholesome. And there is no one better to understand this than Meagan Good, who has served Black love story with her husband DeVon Franklin.

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Good spoke about the representation of Black Love in Hollywood, different ways to get more positive images, representation, and shows out into the globe. Good also revealed that she didn’t feel love from the industry every time, even though she has been in the industry for a good long time. Harlem star cast also shared that they are often told that they are at the bottom position and don’t get surprised if it goes even down because of colorism.

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Kathleen Newman-Bremang explained that this is why portrayal matters the most both in front and behind the camera. She added most particularly when it comes to how stories are told, explained, and clarified which ones are blessed with the green lights. Meagan shared that, “Pay me what I deserve” is a new thing for her, because being in the business for a long time and remaining employed is a whole thing.

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Good agreed that she has to learn not to settle for less or adjust. She also revealed that she could be in the first position but still the one who is in second (white man) will be paid more than her. She added, the industry still has a long way to go. Good also stated that she with others is making a change for which she is grateful.

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