Meagan Good Is Entering Her Selfish Era


Ever since Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin separated after nine years of marriage. Everyone has been talking about how her golden days are back. But the question is has she ever taken a break from her days? The 41-years-old actress has been open about how she felt after cutting ties with her husband. However, she has been busy all the time. In December she did an Amazon Prime series called Harlem. In the series, she played Camille.

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When her separation was announced, she began reading “Ms Good If Ya Nasty.” And fans took to Twitter to express their feelings about how they have missed her. Now she is in her selfish era. It’s quite often as she spends time with her best friend and sister doing fun things like having fun in the swimming pool, enjoying a glass of drnk, or cooking. Good believes in God and has openly shared how much she has faith in God and always prays. Recently she again shared that she prays with her friends. They pray together a lot, even if they are not together.

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It’s been a while since Good became a part of TreSemmé Future Stylists Fund. Speaking about the reason behind it and her role with the funds. She said that there is not enough diversity in the industry. And she has faced this personally. She said she has been on sets where there is no one to help her with her hair. Good also shared her experience of her with a stylist on set. She said to her stylist that if she is going to straighten her hair, her hair is thin and if putting water on it then it won’t work on her and it will remain curly. However, the stylist was sure that it would work. But in the end, it didn’t. And then again the stylist had to put heat on it while leaving it in the same condition. In the end, her hair was a little bit extra heated and she could smell that.

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So she decided that she will always help other women of color to get into the industry and it’s important to support each other. Good while answering about if she has any mentor and what important role it plays. She replied that Jim Brown has been her mentor since she was a child. He is her Godfather. Jim is someone who encouraged her to be an actress and also encouraged her to be more vocal and active. Speaking about entering into a new journey, what does she do for self-care? Good informed that she is taking time to pray and read her Word like she always used to do. She believes in God, like what should be done, and please guide me, Lord.

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She added that her self-care is a little selfish because she is more like a people pleaser and thinks about doing things for others first. Good also spoke about her character Camille of Harlem. Good shared that she has been a best friend for 25 years who is Gemini. Camille is also a Gemini. And for the first time, she came to know a lot about her Gemini personality. And also questioned herself like how would a Gemini handle this? And then she thinks about how her best friend, Amy, would handle it. And that helped her a lot to develop the role, of Camille.

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