Meagan Good: “God Comes Before My Career” I Read Bible Every Day.


Meagan Good has been working in a professional acting career since she was only 13. Now, Good is 41 years old and has continued to be in the acting profession actively. Good believes that God fulfilled her way more than her profession. Good shared that, she prays and reads the Bible every day, she has chosen to stay close to God and for her, God matters the most. She added that her career can never be what it is today and it’s what God gave her.

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The 41-year-old actress has worked in many popular movies such as Day Shift, Think Like A Man, and Anchorman but raising in her career she stated that to get used to the concept of consistency she also accepted roles in web series or TV shows. Back in 2013, Meagan appeared in “Deception,” which she was anxious about at first. As she once shared that when Deception came to her she was anxious to do it because it requires long-term commitment and being in the same character for a long time even years. Other reasons included: remaining away from family. Initially, she was thinking about all these things and situations. However, one thing she knew was that it was everything she said it had to be because she knew it was God.

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Anyways, “Deception” didn’t run for a long time, but Good was not discouraged that her show got canceled; she saw it as an opportunity as a blessing unrecognizable. She also shared that when the show ended, it created many opportunities for her, for which she feels grateful. After Deception, she did Minority Report and Anchorman 2. She continued, God wanted her to accept those different characters to be able to build a place where I could be more religious. In addition, Deception made people witness Good’s different side.

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At that time, she got married and was away from her family, which offered her to become a better self both professionally and personally. Good also stated that with Minority Report, she requested God for a few things about the character and she got what she wished for. Meagan has been very much vocal about her belief in God, she trusts God very much and says that even if her steps don’t matter to others, she knows that God has plans for her.

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Similarly, she has also talked about how selective she is with her roles because of her faith in God. She believes that she has the parameters of what she wants to perform and what is appropriate for her. She explained that there are times when it becomes tough for her to decide because she really wants to do that role but can’t because of some explicit concerns, so she drops the opportunity. However, she has found out that the more she remains under her thought, the more God keeps his promises.

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