Meagan Good Dishes On What Inspired Her To Rock Those Beautiful Faux Locs – Video


Megan Good is an American actress who has played plenty of roles in her acting career in Hollywood since she was 13 years old. She has appeared in various television shows, music videos, movies, and now web series as well. Megan Good is someone who believes in setting trends not following them. And that’s also the reason why her style, especially hairstyles, are so famous which most people want to try. A few years back, Good launched “Good Girl Wraps.”

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Speaking about Good Girl Wraps she shared that it was something that she uses and it’s helpful in many ways for her. Wraps hold her hair locs when she is working out. And as she started posting her workout videos many fans were eager to know from where they can get the came. So, Good was grateful that she has created something which can be helpful for a large number of people. In an interview, Good spoke about the inspiration behind her amazing hair locs.

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The 41-years old actress shared that she wanted to have dreads and talked about the same with her hairstylist Myesha Oliver. At that time, Sierra Leone, DeAnna Taylor used to have dreads and that seemed fascinating to Good. However, she wanted dreads that could make her look different. For instance, Lisa Bonet. So, Good’s hair stylist Oliver hooked her up with Dr. Kari Williams.

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Both of them had worked before, but this time was different. Good shared how she wanted her hairlocs to look like Lisa Bonet’s. Dr. Williams shared that Good was so determined to do it, however, it wasn’t possible at that time because Lisa’s hair was natural.

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However, after a few weeks, Dr. Kari contacted Good and said God has given her a vision for how to do it and we are going to do it, says Good. And since then we all know the beautiful outcome. Good got what she wanted for her hair, she wanted to look old, but real, curly at the end but dreads.


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