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We often confine ourselves thinking that we don’t have enough resources to live the life we always wanted to. We always complain and blame our destiny, and luck for not reaching the success point we always wished for. However, the real question is have we actually done everything you can with whatever you have right now? It might happen that the things we want in life are right in front of us but we hesitate to accept them or reach for them.

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Meagan Good, an American actress shared some words about the secret behind pursuing the career that you want to achieve and living the life you always wanted. Meagan believes that one should have the courage to do everything one can, but also hold the strength to let go of what one can’t. Good said, for the things she wants and believes, she has to do everything to get them. However, there are certain things that can’t be controlled and that’s when she trusts God.

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According to the Bible, faith without work is uneventful and that goes for everyone too. So, in order to get something, you have to look for it. For example, your dream is to open your clothing store, but the question is have you gone to look into getting a wholesale license? One should stop thinking about the money and wait for the opportunity, and be ready when it comes to you. In simple words, one should be ready so they don’t have to get ready.

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And if that thing is designed to happen it will surely happen and it’s up to you to work on it to make it happen. In layman’s words, “do the world, and the rest will come.” Good also described that even though she didn’t see an opportunity on the horizon, she talked about it, worked on it, and prayed one into existence. Speaking about “Shazam”, she explained that she always wanted to be a superhero. And it also started two years ago. She wanted it to happen, so she began to learn Taekwondo and Capoeira. She was training with her trainer six days a week for two years. And then it just happened. She knows it will happen and she thinks that sometimes we are more comfortable hoping and praying than when it actually happens.

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Sometimes, self-doubt can lead to more internal conflict than actual things. Self-doubt is like if we are actually smart, intelligent enough to do something we got it. Meagan has also shared the significance of trusting your instincts. She shared that she was so anxious that she was nauseous upon reaching on-set as a director for her first movie, “If Not Now, When?” But when her instincts checked out then she was able to walk in her own power.

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Good also believes that every one of us is blessed with a special hidden superpower that we don’t even know exists within us and when we feel it until we give everything we have.
That’s when you suddenly realised that you are capable of going beyond what you did and that’s when actual magic happens. Life is full of challenges and to face them, one should be brave enough to push themselves to pursue their dreams. So, do the work, and keep faith in yourself that one day you’ll have everything in your life you ever dreamt of. Just keep going for it without thinking of other options. Scroll down to watch the full interview.


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