Kanye West Wears A White Lives Matter Top At His Yeezy Fashion Show – Video


Kanye West, a famous American rapper, is setting a new fashion statement that seems more like a poli-tical statement. The “Praise God” singer recently was seen at Paris Fashion Week with his daughter North showcasing season nine of Yeezy show in his new clothes with a statement. However, it wasn’t the pop-up fashion show which got the attention of everyone. Because everyone’s eyes and the camera were on Kanye West because of his choice of clothing.

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Kanye was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that read “White Lives Matter” on the back. He completed his strange look with a couple of bougie diamond-studded things. Many runway models were seen wearing a similar shirts with similar captions written on the back including Candace Owens. The caption caused controversies online and many people took Twitter to share their opinion about the same. Back in 2015, “White Lives Matter”, caused huge controversies after white supremacists reacted to the “MLM Movement.”

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Netizens after seeing Kanye West promoting White supremacy started to slam the black rapper and songwriter for his choices. @marclamonthill wrote, Kanye’s decision to wear a “White Lives Matter” shirt… is irresponsible…. Some people will defend him .. before defending one should ask why themselves. Another user wrote, “the reason behind why there is no requirement for Kanye or anyone to wear that “WLM” shirt is because never in the past this country has the value that Americans put on white lives ever in question.

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Another user wrote, Kanye and Candace Owens wearing ‘white lives matter’ is irredeemable. However, another person viewed the pictures from a religious point of view as he wrote, wearing a “white lives matter” shirt in Paris fashion week is literal instability and no amount of faith will allow him to enter heaven’s gate. Kanye West back in 2013 got into controversy when he wore a jacket embellished with the Confederate flag, which signifies the symbol of maltreatment of African Americans.

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As per Page Six, viewers were also treated to a typical rapper sound-off. As he once said, “I’m Ye, and everyone knows who he is, that he is the leader and no one can manage him.” However, we can’t say this time if Kanye was making a statement this time or just making a new fashion statement.


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