Influencer, 35, Marries Her 20-Year-Old Stepson After Divorcing His Dad – Video


Marina Balmasheva, a 35-year-old influencer from the Russian region of Krasnodar, Krai sp-lit up with her husband of more than ten years and found love again with her 20-year-old stepson Vladimir ‘Voya’ Shavyrin. Marina first came to highlight after appearing in a documentary that followed her weight loss journey.

Marina went on to share her wedding videos with Vladimir for her 433k followers on Instagram. In the video, the couple is seen signing their legal documents and sharing a kiss. She captioned the video with the message – “We drove to the registry office, I didn’t even have a hairbrush with me. The rings were in the car. There was a good mood and a little embarrassment.”

Marina also announced her pregnancy in June with a picture of her holding up her pregnancy test while cuddling Vladimir. Earlier this year, she posted a throwback picture of her and Vladimir when he was seven years old. The picture was taken around when she married his father, Alexey.

She also admitted that both of them are not speaking to her ex-husband and the groom’s father since he did not like them getting married.

Marina and her ex-husband were married for ten years and then divide ways. Before they br-oke up, the couple adopted four children. Her former husband, Alexey, has won custody of the other children.


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