Girls Showing Off Their Monobrow For Body Positivity Trend


Isn’t a smiling, happy woman the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Women aren’t allowing the expectation of two distinct brows to keep them from being themselves. On Instagram, the #UnibrowMovement hashtag has been rising as women cease shaving their monobrows.

Most fashion events in 2021 will agree that brows were bushier than ever, with minimal grooming and shape. The majority of the models were similarly proud of their body hair. The Unibrow movement hashtag on Instagram, which has over 100K posts sees people choose to wear their natural brows. This group of ladies defies social expectations of femininity by refusing to alter their facial hair.

These 20 ladies are just a fraction of the many who have discovered beauty in one aspect of themselves that does not need to be altered. They define themselves not the beauty standards.

The unibrow is really regarded as beautiful in a number of countries.

In actuality, ladies from places such as Oman would draw a line in the center of their brows to seem to have a monobrow.

According to the New York Times, many societies regarded it “a symbol of good luck, especially for males, a signal of virility and fertility.”

Abraham Ortuno, a French accessories designer, stated, “I’ve never felt embarrassed by them… “I don’t get it when someone designs their brows.”

Makeup was used to heavily shape brows as long back as 3000 BC.

However, it was during the Medieval period when ladies would extensively pluck their brows bald!

After the 1900s, many women choose to pluck their brows, albeit not to the point of baldness, but into extremely thin lines.

Following that, beauty standards continue to evolve, with celebrities and significant celebrities leading the way.

And thus we get the “bold brow” appearance, in which ladies take their hands off the tweezers!


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