Dwyane Wade Says He’s Blocking Comments on Daughter Zaya’s Instagram to Protect Her Mental Health


After fans started asking about why Dwayne Wade has confined comments on his daughter Zaya Wade’s Instagram account. He finally opened up about why he took this decision. Dwyane Wade, the former professional basketball player, disclosed the reason why he confined comments on his daughter’s Instagram profile. He took to his Twitter account to respond after several fans questioned why they aren’t able to comment on Zaya’s posts. Dwyane Wade shared that the changes are made for protecting Zaya’s peace, happiness, and privacy.

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Dwyane wrote that they have decided to keep her comments confined so that she doesn’t get bothered by seeing mean comments. Thanks for wanting to spread love, he added. Many fans of Zaya are happy about this step. As one wrote,”She doesn’t deserve mean comments because she is real and beautiful, she doesn’t need comments because her real support systems are at home and we are happy to see it.” Another person wrote, “hoped that Zaya is aware that she has an entire fanbase who is always going to support her.” Back in 2020, Zaya came out to be as transgender and has received well-deserving love and support from her parents.

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In fact, Zaya has also openly spoken about the judgments she received online and people who never stopped giving beauty advice. Zaya once said, when she came out to be as a transgender, there were so many negative comments and judgments regarding her looks, her physical structure, and suggestions that she should grow her hair long to fit into femininity, which is actually not at all true. She also shared how she wasn’t able to concentrate because of such comments during a joint interview with Gabrielle Union for the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

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However, for the project, it was significant that she and her husband try to reduce negativity and value inner beauty of Zaya. Union said that one can be a stunner or classically beautiful person, however, if the soul is not nice, then that person is not beautiful at all. Zaya shared that the most vital lesson she learned from Gabrielle Union is: Union told Zaya that not everyone in the world or in the media is going to be truthful regarding her looks and nature. She doesn’t have to take seriously what others have to say about her. The only thing that matters is what she feels, what her beauty means according to her, and how she is going to define it. Zaya also said that now she is focusing on her inner beauty because that’s the most important thing.

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