Chick-Fil-A Employee Hailed A Hero For Saving A Man’s Life: ‘God Placed Me’ There – Video


A Chick-fil-A employee in Chula Vista, California, is being praised for leaping into action and saving a man’s life, an act he attributes to his trust in God. Last Wednesday night, when Tauya Nenguke, a 22-year-old team leader, observed something strange across the parking lot, he handed over his iPad to a coworker and dashed over to make sure everything was well, according to FOX 5.

According to Cheryl Shields, director of marketing and community relations at Eastlake Terraces Chick-fil-A, who published the tale on social media, Nenguke saw a 20-year-old male falling into cardiac seize on the ground, surrounded by friends trying to do CPR.

Nenguke, who aspires to go to nursing school and has taken pre-nursing classes, started chest compressions on the unconscious man right a-way and advised his buddies to contact 911. He also taught the buddies CPR so they could take turns performing it until paramedics came and brought the sufferer to the hospital.

“The EMT claimed that this young man would not have lived if it hadn’t been for his prompt response,” Shields wrote, referring to the Chick-fil-A employee as a “CFA Hero!” Nenguke attributes his ability to be at the right place at the right time to his faith and a calling. He told KGTV, “I felt it was the spot where God placed me at that time.” “It was almost as though instinct took over when I decided to pursue a career in health care.”


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