Beyoncé Praises Solange As She Becomes 2nd Black Woman To Compose For NYC Ballet – Video


Beyoncé took to social media to announce and celebrate her sister Solange creating history as she became the second Black woman to write an original composition for the NYC Ballet. Beyoncé posted two pictures of Solange on her Instagram and in the caption she expressed her love,” there are no words to express the pride she has for Solange. She congratulated her on being the first African-American woman to compose for the New York Ballet.

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‘I’m that girl, ‘the singer also wrote, the piece Solange composed is phenomenal and she loves her very much. In 2021, Lido Pimienta who is a Colombian musician became the first Black woman to compose a score for the ballet. And now Solange is the second Black woman to compose music for the company. A few months back, the NYC Ballet made an announcement that ‘Way to the Show’, the artist would compose original music for the company with dancer Gianna Reisen, who would do the choreography.

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In September, Solange expressed her excitement about her new project with Gianna Reisen. She wrote, she is super excited to announce that she is going to compose an original piece for the NYC Ballet with Gianna Reisen, performed by the City Ballet Orchestra. As per the media reports, this collaboration debuted at the New York Ballet’s Fall Fashion Gala at Lincoln Center on September 28.

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However, October 1st is considered the first public performance for the piece “Play Time.” During Solange debuted at the annual Fall Fashion Gala, her sister, Beyoncé, and their mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson were also present there to show their excitement and support. Later, Solange shared many pictures of herself and the event on her Instagram account. Solange’s last album was, “When I Get Home,” which was released back in 2019.


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