50 Cent’s Son, 25, Offers Him $6,700 For A Day Of His Time To Repair Relationship – Video


Curtis Jackson III, professionally known as 50 Cent. He’s a rapper, businessman, and sometimes an actor too. When the ‘In da club’ rapper dated Shaniqua Tompkins and gave birth to a son with him, and named Marquise Jackson. However, the relationship between 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson (AKA 25 Cent) has never been usual. Recently, 25 Cent has claimed that the child support his father pays to his mom every month ($6,700) is not enough.

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Marquise even imitated his father’s viral Instagram post ‘BROKE’. As he created his own version with his cash spelling out the word “ENTITLED.” Marquise wrote: everyone thinks that $6700 is huge someone informed my dad that I am ready to pay him $6700 for 24 hours of his time so that we can do things together which he wanted to do since childhood. He added red, yellow, green whatever color he wished for. However, this wasn’t a new thing for fans, because we all know about their never-ending controversy and conflict. Although, 50 Cent talked about their highly-publicized f-ud on Instagram Live to promote his book back in 2020.

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50 Cent shared that it’s unfortunate when we pray for success but we don’t pray for the things which come along with success. He added there is no such success without jealousy and entitlement. He disclosed that regardless of paying nearly $1.5 million in child support. His mom has raised him to develop a sense of entitlement that cannot be fulfilled. And while being a privileged kid, he feels underprivileged. The Father of two also shared on one of his Instagram live that he used to love his child but now doesn’t feel the same. He went on, he never thought that his success would cost his oldest son but it happened because of the situation.

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50 Cent also compared his son with 6ix9ine, who has now become the most unliked rapper after it was found that he was part of a vicious narcotraffic group. 50 Cent said he is better than his son, Marquise, and will take him before he chooses his own son. In response, Marquise said, did he just say that he would choose a rat? No, I don’t want any part of the cheese. Before all this mess between father and son, 50 Cent had always spoken about being a dad and having a son.

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Once he shared that when his son was born, his priorities switched because he wanted to develop a relationship with him that he didn’t have with his father. However, when 50 Cent and Shaniqua separated there was a long dispute over child custody. Back in 2014, the rapper disclosed that his son has developed a perspective of him according to how his mother has described and all these have made the father and son relationship a bitter one. However, Marquise’s publicly offered him $6700 for a day to spend time together, but 50 Cent has not yet responded to it.


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