15 Actors Who Des-troyed Their Careers Practically Overnight


If you are famous or a celebrity, whatever you do great or worse, you will have to face the outcomes of your actions. We all know many names of people who were once famous and everyone was talking about them, but they did something which not only caused them to lose their fame but also their career. Now, they have gone far from the industry and for good real reasons. Here are 15 celebrities who end their careers with their misdeeds.

(1. Gina Carano

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In 2021, Gina Carano became part of the controversy when she posted a picture on her social media account, comparing Republicans with Jew during the Holocaust. This caused huge debates and as a consequence, she was removed from the Lucasfilm and Disney shows. Moreover, she was dropped by her own agency. However, she did announce that she would create, produce and perform in the movie, ‘White Knuckle’. However, it didn’t happen because she canceled it to adhere to the industry’s masking rules. She left her union and was seen in Montana. But, she didn’t get that spotlight that she used to get before.

(2. Jussie Smollett

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In 2019, Jussie made headlines for facing an intense misdeed, however, later it was found out that it was he who plotted the scene. He was removed from ‘Empire’, a hit show. He was also charged with making fake reports and wasting the time and resources of the cops. In 2021, he was found guilty and went behind the bars for 150 days. However, he was released on bond within a week and came back to Hollywood. Now, he remains behind the lens as he didn’t get any new projects.

(3. Hartley Sawyer

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Hartley’s acting career ended when he was dismissed from ‘The Flash’. The reason why he was dismissed was his unacceptable, offensive comments and tweets on social media. However, Hartley did accept his fault and apologized on his Instagram. But, his words caused him to lose all his upcoming projects.

(4. Roseanne Barr

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Similar to Hartley, Roseanne was also dismissed because of her offensive remarks on Valerie Jarrett, who was an adviser to Barack Obama. She said the Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a child. She was later apologetic. However, her career never remained the same as it was.

(5. Michael Richards

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Michael Richards is another actor who commented on color discrimination and that caused his whole career to end. In 2006, when he was doing his show, he delivered certain sentences to audience members who were interrupting him. The clip went viral all over the internet, he did come to apologize. However, his apology did not seem sincere to the audience. He did come back to do some shows and appeared in Kirstie. But it did not succeed in boosting his career.

(6. Jason Mitchell

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Jason was doing good in his career and was even all set to appear in the Netflix film ‘Desperados’. However, things changed when he was found to be involved in misconduct, including inappropriate remarks toward two female co-stars. He was removed from upcoming projects and agencies. Again in 2020, he was kept behind bars as armaments and sedate were found.
However, in 2021, he did show up in one small movie.

(7. Lori Loughlin

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Lori Loughlin who is famous for her role as Aunt Becky in ‘Full House’, ended up being behind the bars for two months after it was found that she was involved in 2019 admissions wrongdoing. As she went behind the bars, Full House makers removed her. However, after coming back she did appear in When Calls The Heart’s role in ‘When Hope Calls’.
Previously, it was declared that she is going to be part of, “The Great American Family’s Fall Into Winter”.

(8. Felicity Huffman

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Similar to Lori, Felicity was involved in college wrongdoing, which caused her to remain behind bars for 11 days. However, after that, she didn’t find any big projects to work on.

(9. Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is also known as America’s Dad. He worked as a comedy actor for more than a decade but his longtime inappropriate behavior was highlighted in 2014.
His unprofessional behavior led him to go behind the bars in 2018. However, he was released after 3 years. And there is no chance of him coming back to the industry.

(10. Kevin Spacey

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Another example of how inappropriate behavior can cause your career to end. Kevin’s career ended when Anthony Rapp charged him for his unacceptable activities and more. Netflix immediately canceled him and handed over his role to Christopher Plummer, who ended up in nomination for an Oscar for that role. Moreover, Kevin was asked to pay $31 million to the production company as he was also held for misdeeds behind the scenes.

(11. Armie Hammer

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Armie also lost all his projects and agencies after he was found to be a physical aggressor. All his upcoming projects like The Offer, Billion Dollar Spy, and more were canceled.
He suddenly disappeared from Hollywood and after a long time, he was spotted in the Cayman Islands. It seemed like he is now working as a salesperson.

(12. Danny Masterson

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Another man who was charged for inappropriate behavior toward three women back in 2017 is Danny Masterson. He got canceled from the shows, his agency also dropped him. However, he refused all the claims once he was held behind the bars. Many other strange things about him were highlighted which surprised everyone.

(13. Chris Noth

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In 2021, when Just Like That was released, two women showed up and shared that they have faced physical offense by Chris. He never accepted the claims, however, what was done caused his career. His deals were canceled and he was removed from commercials.

(14. Louis C.K

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In 2017, when the New York Times released an article on his unacceptable activities in front of his colleagues, he admitted it. At that time, his upcoming projects were put on hold and his planned specials were canceled. However, he won a Grammy, went on international comedy tours, and did publish his new specials.

(15. Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson was put behind the bars for several claims. He said offensive remarks about the Jewish community, his conversation with his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva also claimed that he was physically mistreating her, and phone call recordings were found where he was speaking unacceptable, offensive comments to Oksana. Even after all these, six years later, he came back as a director and was even nominated for six Academy Awards and ended up winning two.


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